On the business today, the one who grabs the customer’s attention and won’t let it go, is the winner. Everybody knows this but very few know how to actually do that. How to break the struggle of using classic methods, such as reducing prices or increasing investment in advertising and marketing? How to grab the customer’s attention – and, of course, keep it.

Here are 5 techniques you and your company may use to grab the attention of your customers, engage and not let them go. By using these techniques you can multiply the results that Facebook brings you today. Yes, that’s right. I’m talking about Facebook. If you only think of Facebook for business is only about increasing Likes, running Sponsored Stories or wasting money on the sidebar ads, you are way, way behind. If you are business owner, entrepreneur or freelancer and have not taken advantage of advertising on Facebook, you are missing an outstanding opportunity. Facebook will not only help you with brand exposure and lead to better conversion rates, but it will allow you to do all that with a flexible budget and without spending loads of money. So let’s take a look at the top 5 techniques and analyse the benefits they could bring to you and your company.

Start using remarketing

Remarketing allows you to track and reach out specifically to those visitors who have previously visited your website. This tactic lets you advertise to people who have already shown interest in your product or service so you are not unknown to them. This is the biggest advantage of remarketing. People, who already visited your website are genuinely interested in your product and you can remind them about your brand by displaying an ad on Facebook. This is very important in terms of the purchasing process. The process of deciding whether to buy a product or service often lasts several days. Via remarketing, you can easily deliver the pieces of content to the customer which may help him to decide in your favour.

Example: The customer comes to your website, looking for specific service. Apparently he likes what he sees and he is interested about getting a quote from where is just one small step to convert him to real customer. In the process of filling up the quote something came up and he is not able to finish the form. He leaves your site without taking action at a crucial moment. If you hope this customer to return the next day, you risk him hitting another translation agency with a similar range and getting a service from them. And maybe becoming a long lasting customer. Who knows…
At that moment, using remarketing can come in very handy for you to just remind your customer “Hey! We know that you like our offer, and we’ve got something extra for you! Complete our form and get 10% off on your purchase.” You can easily target visitors who visited specific page or section on your site and adjust your message accordingly.

Create your own audience – import emails of your existing clients

Facebook also allows you to import database of your already existing clients. If you already have a database of customers with email addresses in electronic format (Excel, Word), you are all set to create own custom audience. You upload these email addresses directly to the advertising system and then target your  ads directly to your customers! You are probably asking, why would you do that. Why to target your customers if you are already nurturing and  engaging them with email marketing. Well, not all of your customers or subscribers open your email and even less percentage click on something within that particular email. But does this mean that these people are not interested in your product or service. Not really. If you think for a moment how an email flows you will see that it can simply go directly to the spam folder or it can be buried among the hundreds of similar emails. Targeting your own clients gives you perfect opportunity to deliver your message directly to them. Or you can just ask them to become your fans or prepare an “upsell” offer for them. This tactic also opens up space for the creation of so-called look-a-like audience, but that’s topic for some other time.

Search for influencers

Imagine the online world of your customer as a bubble. This bubble consists of various areas of his interests, favorite websites, blogs, YouTube channels, social media etc. For each and every one of these areas there are people who excel in it, so called influencers. These are the people your customer trusts or is inspired by. So why not take an advantage of the influencer’s impact for the benefit of your brand? It can have form of content amplification to product feedback or content co-creation and it can significantly help your brand. Don’t forget; consumers trust recommendations from a third party more often than a brand itself.

Use Facebook Graph Search

If I had to stress out the importance Facebook Graph Search for your business, I would say that is as important as a magic wand for Harry Potter (Harry Potter being your company). Via Graph Search you can find out in the matter of few clicks , for example, what pages your fans like. Or you can check out how your competitor is engaging with people. Are they commenting on or liking related posts? You can also do the research on the advertising styles of your competitors. So when we talk about your “customer’s bubble on the Internet”, this tool allows you to look directly into it and determine what pages your customer likes, what posts he engages the most with or what interests he has. This will again allow you to adjust your marketing message accordingly to increase the engagement rate and conversion rate as well.

Plan your communication carefully

If you want Facebook to generate breathtaking results, you better to forget about the sloppy posting immediately. Instead, I suggest you to prepare accurate communication plan, for example, a week or a two in advance. First, this prevents a situation when you suddenly had nothing to share on Facebook; and second, preparing the post calendar at once gives you bigger picture and enables you to see your communication in context. And that’s exactly what fans are doing, even they do not know about it.

Now you should have better idea on how to grab your customer’s attention and more importantly; hold on to it. However, there is a lot to it. Keep your eyes peeled for my future posts! In the meantime, you can leave a comment on the area below if you have any question. You may also want to check my course on using Facebook as advertising platform for your business on GliderPath Academy.

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