GliderPath Regular Updates #10– How to craft a perfect newsletter

One of our team members has just had a talk with a small business owner.

They were talking about online marketing, lead generation and getting new clients.

The question that inspired us to put down this article was:

”Why don’t you start your own newsletter?”

And the answer which forced us to put it down RIGHT NOW was:

”No! I don’t want to spam anyone”.

Our reaction:




For those of you who think the same, please read this honest letter on HOW NOT TO MESS UP YOUR NEWSLETTER.

These are the characteristics of a person who will mess up a newsletter:

  • he doesn’t perceive content as the king,
  • he blindly sees his industry as boring,
  • he thinks he will only spam the many mailboxes of his customers…
  • …which means he is unable to write good content,
  • he is unable to establish himself as an authority.

You DON’T want to be this type of person.

It’s super wrong to think you will spam with a newsletter. Unless it’s really bad.

Each of our team members gets dozens of newsletters weekly, which doesn’t mean we read them all. But we do enjoy all of them because we WILLINGLY CHOSE to receive them.

These are the characteristics of a person who can create a perfect newsletter:

  • this person knows content is THE king, your newsletter can look like crap but once you hit the spot with the content you hit the goldmine, meaning, you just found a great lead gen source.
  • since he knows that content is the king, he knows that he can write about boring stuff nicely and without preaching anyone. The only thing this person does is to take his knowledge and provide it via newsletter in an interesting way.
  • HOW CAN THIS PERSON SPAM with such a great content? Once someone subscribes or receives your newsletter they like it! If they don’t, they unsubscribe, simple as that.
  • this person is either able to write good content or hired a copywriter (no shame in that) because he knows how important is a newsletter for his online marketing.
  • and lastly, this person knows that establishing himself as authority doesn’t take three weeks, sometimes even three months but he still keeps on putting out that newsletter, trying hard, because he knows it’s all about that ONCE PIECE OF CONTENT.

Please, be this person.

”Your newsletter has to be an invitation, a shortcut to great content delivered to your customer on a silver plate.”

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