Do you know the answer to the question?

Well, the answer can be a number. It can be a word. And it can be also a simple sentence. Maybe something like:


With this said. You might have a clue about how big of an impact communication has on a career of an entrepreneur.

Let’s keep it short and simple, just like always.

Have you ever thought how can an investment of your energy and time into a 3-minute conversation bring so much value to you?

The best thing is, that people underestimate the value of communication.

The truth is, communication builds up so much leverage in relationships with other people that it’s simply unprecedented.

Let’s pack it into a story.

A couple of months ago, one of our team members decided to contact an influencer in his local startup scene. 

They had a nice chat, exchanged experience. They liked each other. They had a common vision which dragged them together. 

The influencer decided to invite our teammate to an online community. After a few days of being in the community, he started to heavily engage and exchange value with other members. He posted his own videos so that people could comment and share their POVs.

What happened after a few weeks of doing this, was surprising.

Thanks to the fact that he regularly communicated with the community, the creator asked him to have his own speech on a huge conference in Prague.

Which was more than surprising.

And all he had to do was communicate.

In his own words:

”I engaged with the community. Just as I do with any entrepreneur. I reach out and I’m ALL IN for a good conversation. What happens then is as close to magic as it can be.”

What is the ROI in this story? Communicating with the right people, in the right way, can lead to dozens of new partnerships, opportunities, and challenges.


We dare you to be ALL IN for a good conversation. Because you never know how impactful can be the outcome.

Don’t underestimate a short chat with a fellow entrepreneur. Exchange value. Build up leverage and harvest the fruitful results.

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