GliderPath Regular Updates #12– How important is failure in any industry?

As you could have already guessed. We start our Regular Updates with questions to which we find answers.

Last time, we were looking for the ROI of communication. I guess we have successfully found it.

Today we are going to answer something for beginning entrepreneurs and remind the seasoned ones about the importance of this spicy element of entrepreneurship.

Today’s mission is to look for the purpose of failure in business.



Is it really necessary? Are all the quotes about failing true? Is failure a guarantee to success?

To sum up, what we think about failure in one sentence, you would get something similar to this:

”Failure gets you one step closer to success.”

It’s absolutely A-OK to say that you have failed. And those who never fail, well…they are missing on something. Actually, a couple of things. These are the great things that come with failing.

  1. Failing means that you try hard.
  2. Failing means that you have courage.
  3. Failing means that you took the opportunity.
  4. Failing means that you are an executioner.
  5. Failing means that you experiment and look for solutions.
  6. Failing means you COULD make a great businessman.
  7. Failing means that you are not afraid to do what has to be done in order to improve yourself.

If you look closely, you will see that not only success but also failure defines you.

Now, we want you to repeat the words in cursive to yourself. Because that’s who you are when you fail.

Of course, failing too much gets you nowhere. So how do you know when you fail but will soon score big time?

Every single failure soon brings out small success. IF, you work smart.

Step by step – that’s how you actually get somewhere.


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