Entrepreneurship has a couple of fundamentals which do not change as the time passes by.

Apart from these elements, entrepreneurship is all about CHANGE. Once you realize this you will understand that what you have today, you might not have tomorrow.

We know. This might sound like a cliche. But the truth is, especially in startup industry, this can happen.

These are no horror stories and just as startups fall, you will fall with them.

And so, we were thinking, how can you get over this situation? Over the constant change, that’s happening to your project and to you?

And we realized there is no ideal answer. First, we wanted to come up with something new, something that would make you say: ”Wooow!”.

Well, this almost certainly won’t make you go ”Wooow!” but it’s the way it is.

The only thing that will help you get over the change is you trying to benefit from this change as much as you can.

We’ve said it in the previous articles a lot, but entrepreneurship is not roses and rainbows. On the other hand, there’s something good about bad things.

You learn and you improve. And that’s how you don’t ever have to worry about the change ruining you in any way.

And as we were having a discussion about change, we also realized that entrepreneurship is so crazy in many things!

As an entrepreneur, in some cases, you have to follow trends. And we know many people don’t like to call it that way. But again, it’s the way it is.

And as far as entrepreneurship and trends go, once you learn something or put it in practice, be prepared to unlearn it as fast as possible.



THAT’S how crazy entrepreneurship is. You just can’t let old habits stick to you because it might as well put you out of business.

Be a fast learner and then be a fast un-learner.

Crazy thing we call entrepreneurship….right?

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