Like…how important are relationships in business, more important than this?

They are super important in our personal lives but what about entrepreneurship?

Well, in our opinion, they are twice as important in biz!

Our question to you is…what do you imagine when we say relationships in business?

We might leave it at that but we want you to know our 2 cents on this.

If someone mentions relationships in business what we imagine is us solving the other person’s problem.

We think relationships have a strong background in mutual benefits. And especially in business, that means that someone comes with a problem and we solve it for them.

We realized this especially while we were doing cold calling our potential clients.

Most of the people just jump head-first into selling things to strangers. But what if you shifted from selling to helping and transformed the stranger into a potential client? That sounds much more like relationships in business.

The main task of relationships in business

Our main task when we are looking for clients is to understand their pain and to sell find a FIT between their problem and our solution. If these two don’t fit, we have nothing to back up our belief of mutual benefits.

Once we contact our potential clients with this thought in our heads, we know that we aim for a healthy beneficial relationship where selling is not our primary mission.

Because if we are able to maintain the relationship and help our potential client, the selling part will come naturally and that’s the beauty of it.

So if it was up to us, we would like everyone to first build relationships, nurture them and then bring an offer. Stick to this scheme and enjoy the fruitful outcome.

Stick to this scheme and enjoy the guaranteed fruitful outcome.

GliderPath Team


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