It’s been a long time since our team worked together in the same room. There are many reasons for that.

Not only is our team international, but all of us love traveling and sometimes we just have to travel.

Being part of a virtual team is one of the greatest benefits that came with computers, smartphones and cloud services. Everyone can take their laptop wherever they go and do their work. Well, I have my office in my living room and I move it every two weeks to another country!

In the very beginning, when I first joined GliderPath, I couldn’t give more praise to this way of working. I thought: ”How better can it get? This is so comfortable!”

But as the time passed by I realized something important. I started to miss the interaction with the team. Even though I could hear their voices and see them through a number of tools we used to communicate. I felt like we are not using the time ideally. There were no signs pointing at that direction. But I had that on my mind.

It was not until the whole founding team met a couple of weeks ago for Summer Strategic Meeting (which I’m going to cover next, yupiiiiii!) that I realized what I missed.

The whole team being virtual gives you freedom. But it can also become a bit impersonal  after a while.  Once we got together in one room, we were able to execute on more things in a shorter period of time than when we were being purely virtual.

All of us agreed that the human interaction is necessary. And we know that many startups take advantages of being virtual but I meeting in person every now and then can have a huge impact on your success.

We now know that our team will interact in person a lot more in the future. And while I absolutely love that I can take my work anywhere I go, with the knowledge I have now, I would rather give away that freedom every now and them for a few days or weeks and enjoy all the benefits of personal interaction with the rest of the team (by the way, that’s what we are about to do). I’m sure we can get the benefits of both worlds this way, and let’s see where we find ourselves after the doors are opened.

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