Whenever I open my mailbox I know three things:

  • there will be plenty of awesome emails because I signed up for awesome newsletters,
  • there won’t be any awful newsletter,
  • and still, I won’t have time to open most of them and read them.

And this, my friends, is a sign that people to whom I subscribed to are doing a great job in content marketing. Well, it’s just me who doesn’t have time to go through all of them. But when I wake up, I can be sure that I have some great stuff to read.


Source: seopressor.com

Content marketing is really something we should talk about. I believe that almost ALL existing startups should have a strong content marketing game. When we were talking about the Bullseye Framework we located content marketing right in the middle without any side thoughts. That shows how important it is!

Many people and startupers do content marketing in a spectacular fashion. Some people are so good at it that it’s scary! (I’m talking about you, GaryVee) So whenever I meet with my friends, who are working on their startups and I advise them to go with content marketing they have this ”Are you crazy” look on their faces.

As we were digging deep into content marketing, we thought that we reached some points which are crucial, if you don’t want to get lost in this game. So, here’s how to succeed in content marketing in a few steps.

  1. You don’t need to be an expert – Many people think they need to be an expert in what they do and they just wait until they are. In other words, they are waiting for the perfect time. Funny, because there is no perfect time. There’s NOW, though.
  2. POV – On the daily basis, I get at least three newsletters from the same area of expertise. Sometimes, they deal with the same topic. And you know what? They are all different. This can happen when you have this thingie called POINT-OF-VIEW. POV is the one and only thing that distinguishes what you throw out there to what your neighbor or fellow startuper throws out there. Don’t ”re-skin” content without added value, meaning your POV.
  3. Be consistent – Have your own ”signature”. So that whenever someone sees your content, they know it’s from your hand (keyboard). Many people who put out great content don’t do it and that’s why they don’t build communities. People just can’t clearly associate content to their handwriting.
  4. Be actionable – Make people interact! Be wise with calls-to-action but make sure you want to make people interact with you. You want them to subscribe, follow and whatever…To do that, tell them to do it. Do it wisely and have a great timing, that’s all it takes. And, of course, time.
  5. Market your blog/channel – use many channels to market your content. Paid, like Facebook Ads or for free like Quora, youtube, forums, social media, etc. Be creative. Even though the content can be awesome, this is no reassurance that it will be popular. NO ONE will come to you. You have to reach out!

Have YOU got any experience with great content marketing? What’s your advice? Do you have any favorite newsletter? I really want to know. Mine’s Gary Vaynerchuk The Hustler’s Digest.

Until next time, take care!


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