GliderPath’s first Strategic Meeting was a deep well of information.

In the last article, I discussed the Bullseye Framework. It’s crucial that you check it out if you want to build a startup.

Today, we are moving to something different. Something you need to be educated in, especially if you run a B2B company. If you don’t, keep reading because you can apply this to any kind of business.

A couple of days ago, I read a question on Quora which shocked me (literally): ”Is email marketing dead?” What shocked me, even more, is that some answers were positive. I mean, anyone who has at least some experience with entrepreneurship knows that email marketing is NOT DEAD.

And we know this in GliderPath. So we decided to create yet another astonishing campaign. It will kick off soon, so I won’t spoil it, it’s unlike any campaign we created before.

While we were creating the email sequence, we learned a lot from each other. And again, we extracted some nice observations for you to think about. If you are about to build an email sequence, keep this in your mind:

  • your company has to have its own voice,

And I’m talking about a real voice. I want you to be consistent in it and find the right voice for your company. It should be so strong that even if you sent an email without the name of your company, the receiver would automatically know that it comes from you.

  • each member of the team should have his/her own voice,

This should be important when the email doesn’t come from the whole team, but from a concrete member of the team. The people who receive the email should automatically associate the copy with someone, this is super important if you want to build a relationship.

  • don’t overflow people with words,

I’m not saying to keep it short. But know where the limits are. Look at the message you want to send and adjust the length to it.

  • have a strong copy,

And when I say strong, I’m talking Arnold Schwarzenegger strong! There is no discussion about this. Writing will FOREVER be an important part of business.

  • be relevant,

First, I wanted to write – Bring relevant content/Ask relevant questions. But you know what, be relevant in general. It’s important to the ”face” of your business. It’s easy to lose credibility via email campaigns.

  • don’t be pushy,

Don’t be pushy with anything. Even with your content. If you make it relevant, there’s no need to be. If you don’t make it relevant, you should have done your customer research better. That’s it.

  • experiment.

Now this one is super important. Marketing/getting traction in an early-stage startup is all about buying you more time to experiment and hit the spot. The same thing applies to email campaigns. Make sure that you try something new every time the thing before went wrong. That’s how you move forward.

If you think this article could help someone you know, feel free to share. And if, by any chance, you have experience with email campaigns make sure to comment and share with us anything you have to say.

Until next Update,

Take care!

– GliderPath Team


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