How do you know your startup has potential?

There are tons of internal/external elements one could discuss here. To us, there is one undoubted thingie which says: ”THIS could work!”


Wow, who would have thought, right?

If the demand is there, you are probably doing something right. For ages (and I mean it) company owners and managers thought, that you can sell a product/service once you launch it publicly. Because until that time, there just can’t be any demand.

They couldn’t have been more wrong. One of many benefits of working in a startup is that you can pre-sell whatever you are working on. EVEN BEFORE YOU’VE ACTUALLY FINISHED IT!

Do you think to yourself: ”Now that takes balls. Sell something that doesn’t even exist.”

My response: ”Welcome to the world of trustworthy entrepreneurs.”


It is what it is. You really can pre-sell your work, but, obviously, it’s not that easy. Pre-selling takes practice and some skills. It’s an old news that you have to be a sales person to execute pre-selling right.

All you need to know is one thing, that we have learned as we’ve already provided dozens of demos and walkthroughs to our customers.

Whenever you are about to have a call with a potential client and you are nervous because…

  • you are afraid that you are bothering them,
  • you are thinking too much about actually closing the sale,
  • you are afraid that they might say no,
  • you are thinking what might go wrong if you don’t close it…

…remember this.

As a startuper, you are only looking for feedback. You genuinely want to help this person get rid of his pain. If you don’t close the sale, you adapt, just like market adapts. 

This is such a powerful weapon. Once you realize that your motives are driven by the offer of help, you understand that no human being with a normal thinking would refuse a helping hand. Of course, you need money to live. But in the pre-sell stages, feedback is your oxygen. The more you have it, the closer you get to closing a pre-sale.

Don’t feel bad about pre-selling. Actually, do the opposite. Jump in head-first and go and try to make someone’s professional life easier with your solution!

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