What do we all want? Firstly, profitable business.

When do we want it? As soon as possible.

How do we achieve it? By becoming profitable.

How do we become profitable? Well…

…if you really go in depth with the ”process” of becoming profitable you will see that it doesn’t start with an immediate execution. You will see that it all starts with a plan.

And a great plan starts with a question. It might go something like:

Okay, so, how do we solve this problem? Or, we should figure out how to sell our product, what approach should we choose?

These and similar questions sound like a great background for an even greater plan!

The core of a plan is brainstorming.

There are a couple of things our GliderPath team discovered as we were brainstorming for hours and trying to figure out ways of how to become sustainable.

It’s definitely not enough to just talk, use wild guesses and throw out anything that comes to your mind. We realized that even great ideas can be buried by the power an awesome brainstorming session can have.

If you really want to get the best of your brainstorming session, take a look at these:

  • look at the bigger picture – before you want to say anything, it’s great to have a solution to your short-term problem, but will this solution ensure your long-term survival?
  • be self-aware – once your idea gets thrown down from the table, don’t take it negatively, business/startups are all about experimenting and trying, you tried with your idea and it didn’t work, try again.
  • have arguments prepared – if your idea doesn’t find any support in the team, you might as well go and ”sell” it to your team so that they will join you, don’t forget they are not your customers, you should sell it by pointing out the benefits.
  • listen – surprised? I hope not, the most important tool for great leaders and fast learners is undoubtedly listening. Gathering data and then re-engineering it and forging a great idea will never be as easy as with your ears wide open.

In GliderPath, we think this is IT. It’s not an easy task to leave a brainstorming session and feel you maxed it out. Once you get hold of the points above, it will be much easier. The funny part? It takes a couple of minutes to execute and even less to see the results.

Does that sound like a fair deal?

Let us know how do you handle similar sessions? How much does environment impact the session atmosphere? Do share your opinion.

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