What are the next big things you should know to successfully Pre-Sell your product?

Something called 10% rule.
A tool that helps you overcome this rule (because rules are here to be broken, duh).
Knowing how to properly use the tool.
And keeping an eye on being consistent with it.

Let’s say you are about to PRE-SELL for the first time in your startup.
Let’s assume you have already built a list of 1000 contacts. Most of them potential clients in your target audience.

Now, the 10% rule.
If you send 100 emails per week with an offer of a demo, walkthrough or other CTA (call-to-action) only 10% of the people will open the email. Which means only 10 out of 100 will respond.

What about the rest of the people? It seems as if they didn’t care about your existence right? YOU ARE WRONG if you think this way.

There are many reasons behind the creation of the 10% rules and it’s the external factors that helped the theory to land on that exact percentage.

The truth is:

”People are just busy. They get dozens of emails daily and yours just didn’t receive enough divided attention.”

Now, how do you break this rule?

By taking your time to follow-up.

You can follow-up with people who have booked a demo by scheduling the next call/email and so on. But you can also follow-up with the people who haven’t responded to your original mail.

A simple follow-up mail to a client with a nice copy will do the trick.

This is how it can look like:

Hey there,

It’s me, Adele. I can see that you haven’t responded to the email I sent you on Tuesday. It’s absolutely A-OK with me. I understand you have tons of work.

So, I was just thinking I would give you another chance to book the demo here. You can schedule the time that fits you the most, so you don’t have to move fast in your work.

How does that sound?


This is one way of following up with the 90 people that did not respond. And trust me, you WILL get some reactions. By following-up, you not only lower the risk of losing a pre-sell but also establish a relationship with your client. Because you CARE about them.

Following-up and knowing how to do it is not the same. I suggest you experiment with the timing and copy of the email. Don’t be pushy and do take your time to follow-up.

Be consistent in following-up to reduce the risk of losing potential clients. By taking 2 or 3 hours to brainstorm a brilliant copy of the email and taking 10 minutes to schedule it you can earn so much more!

ROI with following-up is huge.

”Never, never miss out on an opportunity just because you are too lazy to reach out to your customer.”

Tell us. Has following-up worked a treat for you? If not, are you planning to strengthen your follow-up game after reading this article?

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