Welcome to version 6.2 of GliderPath translation management system. This version of GliderPath includes the ability to select not only date but also the time for project and task delivery, allowing to specify in more detail when the job has to be delivered. You can specify the time delivery for all projects or tasks from now on.

However, before start using it, we suggest you to double check and to correctly set you your timezone settings so that the time is then converted accordingly for your resources. For example if you as project manager are based in Europe and your resources are spread all over the world, you always see the due date and time displayed according your timezone however your resources see the time converted according their settings. So they do not have to convert the time manually only to find out that the deadline already passed. This is now fully automatic and it prevents any misunderstanding between resources and PM regarding when the job has to be delivered.

GliderPath timepicker

The next feature we implemented is a rich editor, so the text entered in comments section or in project description fields is properly formatted and displayed. How to use editor is explained in more detail here where you can also find the cheatsheet. You can also use formatted text to add new sections into your resource profile or to be displayed on PO or invoices. You can also add links to this section. Current fuctionality of rich editor will be extended upon next releases and you will also be able to create tables or checklists.

GliderPath rich editor

As you most likely know by now, we included the possibility to remove a few things. You are now able to remove rates from client, resource or your company profile or remove the CAT categories. All you have to do is to press “X” button and the selected item is removed. No worries, you can also add it back at any time. This functionality was added also to Files section so now you can remove files from projects. This functionality is only available to project managers, so you don’t have to worry that something gets deleted by accident by your resources.

GliderPath - rate deletion

Finally, we added several improvements to the assignments section, so now you are notified when you you are trying to assign job to the resource who is already assigned to another job within a project. However you can still assign the job to him/her if you want. You are also notified if you are trying to assign a job without a delivery date.

We also deployed a few fixes to the production server. What has been fixed is listed below:

  • fixed resource’s activity page if some records have been deleted;
  • allowance to add task to resource profile with 0 rate;
  • activity page fixes;
  • project creation fix if no discount category is filled;
  • doubling the wordcount fix;

That’s all for this release. You can check everything right away and please do not forget to set you time zone in user profile so the time is correctly displayed.

As we continue to deploy more updates, we will continue to provide you with our release notes.

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