GliderPath v6.0 Paperplane release introduces the new features and enhancements, including project creation wizard, ability to update language pair, activity emails and UI improvements for resource job details.

This has been a major release for us. It took us a bit longer but it’s finally here! We’ve been focusing mainly on project creation and task creation within a project. Our objective was to simplify and automate the whole project creation process. Still, there will be further enhancements in this area; we already have the ideas and sketches.

The major change you will notice is the project creation wizard. Previously you would have to go through 3 steps when creating project. This is now possible in only in 1 step (or 2 steps for complex projects). You may be thinking that this would result in rather big form but we tried to keep it as simple as possible.

Let’s say that you want to create a project including translation and editing from one source language into 3 other target languages. Before, you would have to specify tasks and languages in the 1st step; and start dates, end dates and counts for every task in 2nd step. Now you can do this directly in first step for all tasks. If initially all language pairs have the same start dates and end dates for their tasks, you can specify this once for all.

GliderPath - Project wizard

Added to this, you can also specify a discount model directly when creating project and you don’t have to navigate to each task to update it after project is created.

Another change against the old version is that now you are redirected directly to the “Project Details” page. From there you can go to the invitation page or you can adjust the settings for each language pair if you need to.

We added 3 buttons to the top of the page, so you can edit the scope of the project if needed [Project Scope], adjust the dates or counts for each task within the project [Project Setup] or invite resources to the project [Assignments].

GliderPath project buttons

If you want to update an individual language pair’s tasks, without updating the rest of the pairs in the project, you can now do so. So now you can change tasks or update tasks for one language pair only within the project, if you have to. And we should also mention that, now, you also have the ability to add language pairs and configure tasks for them for a project that is already created.

GliderPath - Update language pair

Besides project creation, language pair and tasks creation we updated a few things also in Activities & Discussions. Every activity generated by other users for a specific project will result in displaying a message in the Activities & Discussions tab for that project. By default, all these activities are marked as unread. The number of unread messages is displayed next to the tab title (as superscript). Previously, you were able to mark messages as read one by one, which was not very effective. Now, you can mark all these activity messages as read with one click.

GliderPath - Mark all notifications as read

The next update included, that is related to Activities & Discussions, is that now you can subscribe to email updates reporting on what’s happening with your project. You can do that from your user profile and set the interval on how often to receive emails (hourly to weekly or, even, never if you prefer not to be informed about new updates related to projects). After setting these conditions up, an email will be sent to your inbox with a summary of the new activities for all projects. You can review these activities by clicking on the link in the email. You may also subscribe your resources to receive these emails from their profile or they can do it for themselves. In the future, we will add possibility to receive notification only when a specific activity occurs (for example, you will be able to choose to receive notifications only when resources upload files or complete a task).

The final update is related to the resource portal and, specifically, to the job screen. We updated this screen so now all the information is clearer and makes more sense. All the instructions are displayed directly to the resource as well as other details such as word count, rate or total price of the job.

As we continue to deploy more updates, we will continue to provide you with our release notes.

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