These GliderPath release notes introduce new features, including instant search and customizable company settings.

The latest version of GliderPath includes the ability to customize settings within a company. You can now add or modify units, translation domains or tools and SW. All the changes will be automatically reflected also for your resources and they will be able to update their profiles right after you save the changes. The UI also changed a little bit and now you can make all the changes within a section from one page. That includes creating new record or modifying already existing record.

GliderPath - Add / modify new tool in company settings

Another change we implemented is related to creation of customer and project group. You can now create both while creating a project so there is no need to create client prior to creating a project. We hope that this change will be vital for all companies managing small projects for one time customers.

GliderPath - Create new client - modal

The biggest change is however introduction of search into our application. This is big step forward as now you can search almost anything within projects, clients or resources. Results are appearing as you type so you immediately see whether the term you are looking for is giving you some results. As mentioned before, at the moment you can search within projects, resources or clients.

For example, if searching within projects, you can search for particular file you or your resources uploaded to this project. If there are more than one matches, you will see all the relevant results almost immediately. You can do the same and search resources by location (or even more specific by ZIP code). Just select what you want to search for and start typing. Is that easy. Just one note related to search. Currently search is accepting one typo per search phrase which means that phrases Hello and Helo will bring you the same results.

GliderPath - Instant search

As we continue to deploy more updates, we will continue to provide you with our release notes.

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