What are the most common pains and frustrations for small and medium size translation agencies?

We are going to go ahead and assume that you do since you are part of the translation industry. But do you REALLY know what are your fellow company owners’ pains? If you know a little bit about us, it won’t come as a surprise that here at GliderPath we were able to talk to many small/medium translation company owners, CEOs, project managers.

We were looking to uncover the common pains and frustrations that make the industry less efficient. Here what we’ve uncovered: most small and medium sized translation companies struggle with…

Managing the availability of translators.

The cure to this pain is quite easy. Automatization of the selection process of translators and immediate assign of the job with the description. But that’s not all. Job listing and invoicing monthly for every company could bring more freedom.

Quality management and feedback.

This is something that is spread all over the translation space. Knowing the quality of the translators you work with is crucial. Unless you want to deliver second-hand quality. The cure? Save time when searching for the right fit for your projects. You also want to make sure you give objective, quantifiable and qualifiable feedback to your translators. You want them to have more accountability. You also want to keep a good translator when you find one, retain and manage their workload.  You are looking for a tool that would help you do all that and more… We have an amazing solution for you on the making! Make sure to tune in soon!

Complexity of  TMS Tools

Something that popped up too often. As one of our customers said: “Current off-the-shelf solutions try to be everything to everybody. Too cumbersome, the screen layout is complicated.” Now that’s when you hit a nail in the right spot. Cure? Let’s see. Why not let your customers cooperate and have a say in the development? This way, it’s going to be them, building their dream tool, right? Our best bet is to have a tool built by and for translation project managers, a tool that is intuitive and easy to implement.

Project management and project tracking

“It just takes too long.” That’s usually what we’ve heard. And don’t try to say it doesn’t sound familiar.  “Each day brings tons of new procedures and projects which need your attention.” Why not have a tool that gives you the bigger picture? Open the computer and KNOW what you have to do for that day! 

Administrating repetitive tasks

Now this one bothers 100% of the industry without a doubt. The cure, as we see it, is clever, intuitive automatization. Simplification of all the reports and statistics. One look-all info. Remember?

What is your pain?

We want to know. What are YOU struggling with? Is there a rock in your shoe and you KNOW that getting rid of it will boost your biz? Leave us a comment and let us know.  Or book a demo with us to check out GliderPath TMS.

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. – Henry Ford

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