Wow, time flies so fast! Season by season, year by year. The awesome thing about the translation industry is….it’s never the same.

Half of 2016 is gone, but there’s still time to pay attention to these trends in the industry. Keeping stuff up to date is crucial to running a translation industry, so we promise this will pay off…

Long Tail Languages on the Rise

I mean, does it surprise anyone? With the Internet becoming so popular and slowly reaching out to the vast amount of people, the demand for long tail languages will grow exponentially.

Long Tail languages are ones which are not thought to be “major players” in the industry (if you want examples of major players, think English, French, or Spanish). Actually, the views on these languages are the complete opposite. Many people think that they are simply dying out.

Thanks to the Internet (did I just write this ?!) this is not what is happening. At least not so fast. Our recommendation is to keep an eye on this trend and make sure your portfolio of services is ready.

Cost/Quality Finally in Balance?

Is this really happening? The world of business can see this trend happening in China, but what about us, the translation industry? Many companies expanding to new markets have shown that they would now rather go for quality than lower costs.

This is good for many reasons. One of which is that the general quality of services will go high. The services will probably be more vivid and if this happens, customer satisfaction will be high. There’s nothing better than a win-win situation, right?

Our recommendation: educate, educate, educate. Help your clients understand when high quality is needed and when costs are more important.

Fast Track to Localized Content

And we are talking about translation proxy, here. This alternative used to be popular, mainly among young companies who were unsure about their business and didn’t put enough importance on localizing their content.

Translation proxy’s role will probably step down during 2016 mainly because established companies found out the right mixture of marketing translation and localization.

Our recommendation here is to understand which is the level of maturity of your clients and recommend a proxy solution only when it makes sense.

Translation Meets New Formats

It was always about content. But now it’s all about Intelligent Content.

What is intelligent content? According to the Content Marketing Institute, it is “content that’s structurally rich and semantically categorized and therefore automatically discoverable, reusable, reconfigurable, and adaptable”.

Using intelligent source content can improve the cost, the speed, and the quality of translation.

Our recommendation here is to make a compelling case for intelligent content and start adapting your processes to respond to the demand!

How’s 2016?

Although that’s all from our side for this time. We would like to know more know about how are trends working for you this year. Do you pay attention to them? Or you have your own wave or technique to predict?

Make sure to tune in for the next article, awesome content on your way!

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